Retail mobile credit specialists

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In 2004, the company’s pioneering founders recognised the need and saw the opportunity for a simple and cost effective mobile platform - a virtual store - which allows consumers in the developing world to purchase products and services through their existing credit accounts at retail stores using their mobile phones.

The company’s initial focus was to supply airtime, content and value added services to the public through various credit providers, enabling them to extend their customer offering and maximise credit convenience.



At RMCS we facilitate a complete virtual mobile retail solution for credit retailers.

As pioneers in the world of mobile credit retailing, RMCS has established strategic partnerships with suppliers and major credit retailers providing a complete end-to-end virtual mobile business-to-business offering.

We have already provided products and services to 1.1million mobile subscribers through leading retail credit gateways. We are proud of our position as market leaders in the mobile retail credit sector.



RMCS offers a range of streamlined solutions and facilities coupled with innovative integration and exceptional customer service.  Our complete IT and business solution simplifies and streamlines functions from marketing and administration to customer billing and profiling. We manage financial reconciliations, customer relationship management and streamline marketing messages, simplifying processes to maximise credit customers’ experiences and develop brand loyalty.

RMCS is flexible and fast. We deliver exceptional value for credit retailers and their customers.