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RCMS Virtual Mobile Store

Our product offering ranges from prepaid airtime and mobile content to prepaid utilities and selected insurance products.  All contracts deliver exceptional value.

Contracts - discounted airtime contracts from all network providers
Content - categories increase regularly and are customised for individual client profiles 
OTA™ - Over the Air is RMCS’s world-first business solution which provides a virtual mobile store for retailers and other credit providers which is accessible round-the-clock through consumers’ mobile phones.  OTA™ is the platform of the future, extending services and facilities to previously un-banked market sectors. Read more ....


We offer a range of streamlined solutions and facilities coupled with innovative integration and exceptional customer service to maximise customer loyalty and manage marketing messages and in-store specials.

IT Integration

RCMS has perfected a world-first model integrating sophisticated systems with retailers’ credit facilities.  This seamless integration provides full functionality and support for mobile marketing campaigns.


Our sophisticated call centre capability allows professional RMCS agents to interact with retailers’ customer base offering a comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) application. Our dedicated call centre specialists are trained to assist consumers, offering convenient full service administration capability which frees the retailer to focus on core in-store business.

Billing Engine and Switching Capability 

RMCS has developed and operates a flexible billing engine on which 1.1 million mobile phone contracts are managed and processed via different channels such as ISO 85/83 (real time) and ACB (batch) onto various retailer and insurance company accounts. This system includes the following modules: Sales, Customer Management, Billing, Transaction Store and Fulfilment and uses a flexible configurable integration platform.

RMCS owns and operates an ISO85/83 certified transaction switching system through which we switch into numerous third parties for authorisation and fulfilment.

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