Retail mobile credit specialists


Company Profile 

RMCS Holdings

Head Office

The head office team of professionals manage:

  • corporate account relationships
  • finance and group administration
  • operations

Cellular Services

This division provides a robust range of services.

  • Our specialists negotiate and structure packages for access to cellular networks
  • RMCS supports access from all the network operators, tailoring services to meet retail customers’ financial capacity and personal needs

Transaction Services

Everyone needs to transact. RMCS provides a smart transaction capability simply and securely using a mobile or fixed line telephone.

  • Our package offers a basic cost effective service to purchase products and services, make payments and transfer money wherever you are and whenever you need to transact
  • All transactions are activated securely from the phone

Integrated CRM

Customer relationship management is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Retailers need to develop meaningful relationships and offer relevant added- value to their customer base. RMCS offers a sophisticated call centre staffed by specialists offering an integrated CRM application.

  • RMCS provides cellular management linked through retailing IT infrastructure
  • Retailers can interact and communicate with customers through various platforms and media including SMS, USSD, GPRS, MMS and video
    Our applications are based on a “pull strategy” which manages and respects the customer’s right to privacy

RMCS has access to 8 million subscribers – a market which is growing every day.  This online “eyeball” base holds significant value and business opportunities for retailers.

  • Our specialists work closely with corporate marketing departments delivering mutually beneficial value to retailers and customers
  • Marketing opportunities are interactive and exciting – using MMS, streaming video and wapsite collage application to name a few options
    Solid business models can be connected to these dynamic new technologies, delivering unprecedented results


RMCS partners with retail stores and third party credit providers to make credit available to account holders and subscribers.

  • The RMCS incubation programme facilitates opportunities for people without access to mainstream banking affording them the opportunity to create and develop a transaction record which can form the  basis for future credit extension
  • Our in house credit management system includes direct personal on-line communication via a phone to manage consumer behaviour (spending) and payment collection providing effective financial management

IT Services

  • Our back office capability and capacity supports developments and delivers services


The adage ‘the customer is king’ requires retailers to retain existing customers.

  • With our subscriber base rooted in the major retailers who provide credit, the RMCS Loyalty Programme develops and manages this “virtual club”
  • We have access to the widest range of loyalty benefits, spread across thousands of national stores for optimum reach and distribution


Up to date and funky content is crucially important to consumers. 

  • RMCS offers the most current content for mobile devices - from services and ring tones to music, movies, video clips and TV access
  • Our content offerings facilitate an end-to-end process for subscribers

Third Party Micro Payments

RMCS facilitates payments cost effectively, either through our own billing system or through retail credit partners via a unique IT platform. We are positioned to capitalise on the potential in this area, and believe this sector will demonstrate tremendous growth.

  • Consumers have to pay a range of bills including electricity and water utility services, fixed line communication payments, transport tickets, subscriptions, school fees etc.  These can all be paid simply through mobile platforms
  • The RMCS real-time transaction process facilitates all requirements from account billings to prepaid services
  • The third party payment package facilitates a highly cost effective alternative for collecting mobile premium rated services

Network Operators

  • Cell C
  • MTN
  • Vodacom
  • Virgin
  • Telkom



Partners & Service Providers

Eskom       Electricity
Teljoy Group Mobile  Content
SABC   TV Licensing
Naspers    Magazine subscriptions
Hollard Group  Insurance products


Credit Retailers


RMCS has well established exclusive relationships with the largest national credit retailers in South Africa which secures an opportunity to deliver services across all market segments.

Corporate – Solutions


Corporate Clients
RMCS partners with blue chip corporate entities providing our OTA™ retailing and other airtime subscription products to staff and clients. The specific offerings and solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of the corporate market and the needs of subscribers.

Micro-Lending Institutions
RMCS partners with Africa’s leading micro lenders to provide Over the Air retailing and other airtime subscription products for their customer bases.



Community Groups

Collective groups representative of people with shared common interests present exciting business opportunities for RMCS.

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