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We facilitate a complete virtual mobile retail solution for credit retailers

Retail Mobile Credit Specialists (Pty) Ltd (RMCS), a privately owned company, is South Africa’s largest independent retail mobile service company.

RMCS has developed a world-first model integrating retailers’ credit facilities with RMCS’s systems, delivering a streamlined one-stop integrated solution to more than 1.1 million mobile subscribers through our retail credit gateways.  

We play a leading role as a community enabler, providing a broad range of products and services on credit. Our strategic partnerships with all the network providers offer customised best-value options which enhance credit retailers’ offering to their account holders.  

Our team of professional specialists have an established track record in the virtual mobile retailing sector and continually upgrade, develop and enhance the endless opportunities in the evolving mobile market.  RMCS continues to grow through continual innovation and world-first integrated systems.

RMCS uses pre-issued retail credit, salary deductions and other forms of informal credit collection as a mechanism for billing and collecting from clients.

Our key distinguishing differentiators include our vast industry knowledge and experience in the retail and mobile industry, coupled with our patented technology and business processes. These qualities, supported by the extensive distribution and promotional channels we have secured, are cornerstones of our success and will facilitate phenomenal future growth.

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