Retail mobile credit specialists


Over the Air (OTA™) 

RMCS is the first in the world to develop, implement and operate Over the Air (OTA™) a virtual mobile store for credit retailers. 

This trendsetting m-commerce application is the platform of the future. Using wireless technology, consumers in the most far-flung regions who have been denied access to many retail offerings, are now able to transact in the e-commerce arena – the internet of the future – using their mobile phones. 

OTA™ has the capacity to capture a potentially explosive market share for existing credit retailers. 

Using OTA™, credit retailers can market products and services to account holders simply and effectively.  Through regular customised communication retailers can develop brand loyalty and enhance customer relationships.  Retailers can segment and customise their customers’ credit availability, enabling the retailer to micro-manage credit across product categories.  This safeguards the consumer and reduces retailers’ risk.

As the operator of OTA™, RCMS offers full service behind-the-scenes back up and support. This is achieved through our sophisticated integration with the retailer’s systems which enables our specialists to manage all administration and customer relationships.

For retail credit customers, OTA™ opens a whole new world of opportunities. Customers can use their existing store credit to purchase airtime, lotto tickets, in-store vouchers, prepaid utility services, insurance products and transfer money. They can receive real time marketing messages, information on in-store specials, transact using virtual money (coupons or vouchers) and essentially shop at virtual till points 24/7.

For simplicity and sophistication, accessibility and convenience, this platform is a world-class winner.  It’s like having your favourite shop right in your pocket!

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